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What Aisle Is Castor Oil In And Why Is It Popular?

Castor oil is a long renowned substance because of its various uses. You may have heard about castor oil from your grandmother or maybe from someone who has lived in the past. It is not a surprise how this oil is still widely used up to now.


When the castor seeds are pressed, castor oil is extracted which comes in a form of a slightly yellow liquid. This simple oil is very popular that it has been featured many times in various well-known magazines such as The Guardian and even by numerous research projects. You may even have heard about the question “what aisle is castor oil in?” around the mart you’re shopping in or even in your community forum. Some are also asking “does castor oil smell

There’s no wonder why a lot are starting to get curious about this renowned “wonder oil”.

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Does Castor Oil Smell? Why Is It All The Rage?

Castor oil has long been used for various purposes from manufacturing lubricants, soaps to using it as an ingredient in flavorings, candies, and additives. The Food and Drug Administration has actually identified castor oil as generally safe and effective.

This drug is also pretty common as a laxative and even added to the common drugs including Miconazole.  This oil is also used for cosmetic purposes that it is applied on the hair and skin, but those who haven’t tried this substance may have some second thoughts. So does castor oil smell? Let’s find out.

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The Truth About Adderall Hair Loss

Are you worried that Adderall hair loss is true?

A lot of people already are and there are even false assumptions about this drug that treats ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and narcolepsy. There are even some that claim Adderall has caused an acne breakout.


Anyway, in this article, I will be going to talk about the connection between taking Adderall and hair loss, Adderall alternatives. So if you want to know the truth, then please keep on reading below.

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How To Do Kinky Twist In 4 Easy Steps

Is your hair a curly mess? Kinky twisting it would be really cool as you can do almost any style with a kinky twist.  The beautiful long twists are lovely enough for any woman who wants to have their locks to be more stylish and not too messy. 


If you’re planning to have kinky twists then you’ll need to have hair extensions especially when your hair is mid-length (kinky twists are known to shorten the natural hair). Afro in kinky twists is also a popular updo because of its sexy aura that has been seen in the media. This is also a common choice for those who want to wear their hair naturally and those who do not want chemicals to touch their hair.

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Can Albinos Dye Their Hair? The Long Awaited Real Answer Is Here

Albinos are most often considered strange by the society because of the light colored pigmentation that they have, not only with their skin but also their hair. 


This characteristic stand out from the crowd most of the time, but this does not always mean positive for them as some may get a bit uncomfortable by getting a lot of attention which is most often unnecessary and rude. The space that they  need is often invaded a bit too much that it could be stressful, not to mention the false beliefs made by some people against them only adds up to the pressure.

This could be one of the many reasons why some may ask can albinos dye their hair. Well, let’s find out the answer!

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