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Best Sunscreen For Runners 2018: That Will Protect You Against The Sun

For a lot of us, running is one of the most liberating forms of movement. This activity is not only an easy outlet for exercise, but it can provide immediate freedom from every overthinking minds.

And while a good run outdoors can be a freeing experience, it can easily expose you to harsh elements.

So as a runner, I'm sure you are very careful and makes sure your feet and body are well protected from any elements by choosing the right shoes and gear. But you should not forget that your skin is just as important.

This is why sunscreen is as essential as a good pair of shoes for every run, no matter what the season or weather is. With that said, it is particularly crucial during summer, when the sun’s strong UV rays and gaining strength and increasing your risk of sunburn. After all, you don’t want to undo all the hard work you are putting in to improve your overall health only to face the treats of premature aging as well as skin cancer.

So to help you look for the best sunscreen for runners, I have rounded five sunscreen that could provide your needs as a runner; so please keep on reading below.

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Best Sunscreen For Dark Skin 2018: That You Need To Use

There has been a totally false myth that is going all around for a long time now! It says that sunscreen is not essential or even necessary to protect those with deeper skin tones. Don’t get me wrong; yes, melanin is truly magical, but you should know that this will not stop the sun from damaging your dark sin.

I know it can be a little challenging to find the best sunscreen for dark skin, the one that uses a formula that seamlessly blends into pigmented skin. It can absolutely be an overwhelming task. Some sunscreens are just super thick that they will leave you with a white or ashy tint. And if you are wearing a makeup, you will absolutely want a sunscreen that will not battle with your foundation. But take note that all sunscreens were not created equal, there will always be remarkable products that will not ash out your dark skin.

Want to know what these products are? Then please keep on reading below.

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Best Sunscreen For Beach 2018: That You Need To Bring Next Adventure

Are you planning to hit the beach? Then this absolutely calls for serious sun protection. Do you know that the danger caused by the UV radiation can be intensified by the reflection off the water and sand? Always remember that spending even just a little time at the beach will expose you to the harmful UV rays that can lead to sunburn, melanoma and worst of all, skin cancer.

So today, I’m going to round up the best sunscreen for the beach that will stay put even on your most active summer days. Please keep on reading below and check out the sunscreen that I will be sharing, so you will know the topmost sun protection that you should toss in your beach bag!

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Best Waterproof Sunscreen 2018: That Will Protect You This Summer

I hope by now you already have realized how important it is to be rocking sunscreen every time you are out there, playing under the sun, but you have to remember that not all sunscreens were created equal.

If you are planning to hit the beach or pool, you have to make sure that you are using the best waterproof sunscreen. You need to purchase one that won't just wash off. Take note that water can amplify the strength of the sun rays, so we have to make sure that you are as protected as possible.

There are a lot of water-resistant sun protection products that say they can guard you against the harmful rays, so to make things easier for you, I have rounded up below the best waterproof products that can keep you protected while you are enjoying under the heat of the summer sunshine. Please keep on reading below to know what these products are.

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Best Sunscreen For Hair 2018: That You Need To Use

Spending the entire day at the beach or laying at the pool requires a few essential items that you should toss into your beach bag, these are water bottles to keep you hydrated through the day, towels, beach hat and sunscreen for our skin.

But what about protection for your hair? The salt water, chlorine and the harmful rays of the sun can be brutal on your hair, especially this summer. They can do a number of your hair and warp your color.

So this time, add another item to the list of ways you should protect yourself: best sunscreen for hair. To make things easy for you, I’ve put together a list of five sunscreens to help your hair fight against the damaging and harmful UV rays.

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