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Best Sunscreen For Surfing 2018: That Will Help You Enjoy The Waves

What's even better than enjoying the entire day in the waves, under the comforting sunshine, doing your favorite water activity – surfing?

However, there is one thing that could ruin all the fun. What is it? Well, it would definitely be the painful sunburn you get after. Take note that the water can magnify the sun’s strength so it would only be wise to do our best to keep ourselves protected.

Lucky for you, I've researched and tried out the best sunscreen for surfing currently available in the market! Do you want to know what I found out? Then please keep on reading below.

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Best Sunscreen For Swimming 2018: That Will Keep You Protected

I hope that you are fully aware of just how essential it is to rock a sunscreen whenever you are out there playing under the sun! But you have to remember that not all sunscreens are equally created.

If you will be hitting the beach or spend a day in the pool, you have to make sure that you have the best sunscreen for swimming. It should be something that will not just wash off. So to make things easier for you, I have listed down below five sunscreens that you need to stock up before hitting the water.

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Best Sunscreen For Tanning 2018: That Will Prevent Sunburn

There's nothing better than sporting a little glow during summer. Wouldn't it be nice to have a little bit of bronzed glow over your pale skin? However, with sun damage and skin cancer on the mind, SPF will absolutely be your best bet.

So today, I will be sharing with the best sunscreen for tanning to keep your skin protected while you are aiming for than healthy looking summer glow. Please keep on reading below.

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Best Sunscreen For Fair Skin 2018: That Will Protect Your Delicate Skin

Do you have a skin that tends to burn quickly just because you are fair? Well, you are not alone!
I know you love being pale and it always looks beautiful, however taking care for a fair skin is totally a different story, especially if you are living in a sunny city and loves to have fun during summer.

This is why it is very important to hunt for the best sunscreen for fair skin that can shield you against the damaging and harmful radiation of the sun without feeling as if you are wearing a biohazard suit. Well, what I just meant is that we need to find a product that you will be able to wear each day without being extremely aware of the thick and heavy layer of goop on your skin. This is because it is something that you will need to religiously wear.

So please keep on reading below for the in-depth reviews of my top five choices of sunscreen for your skin type.

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Best Sunscreen For Under Makeup 2018: That Will Not Melt

I totally get it, you just hate your sunscreen. It's too thick, it is breaking you out, it is turning you into a grease ball and the most annoying of all, it creates patchy spaces in your makeup and you are becoming a shiny mess.

Well, I have some good news for you! I know the best sunscreen for under makeup and they are just freaking awesome. These sunscreens are lightweight, not chalky at all and they totally look invisible under your foundation. It can even make your foundation look incredibly natural and smooth.

Want to know what these sunscreens are? Then please keep on reading below!

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